To those who serve their country — A poem

The third page of Leo’s diary contains this poem which I found sufficiently moving to to reprint here rather than in the blog. As far as I am aware it has not been published. if so I can find no trace of it. It’s author was born in 188 in Putney, The daughter of a Wine Merchant

To those who serve their country

Do not forget when your foe is down
And the lust for blood runs high
That mercy is part of a soldiers creed
Though ‘tis by his hand men die
Do not forget if your Captain falls
And you stand well nigh alone
That his spirit still tells you to hold your ground
Though his voice is a stifled moan
Do not forget when the day is won and the foe’s blood darkens the sod
That though you succeed by courageous deeed
Your power was a gift from God.
Do not forget that memory’s lamp
Will reflect with pride or shame
The deeds that you did in that lonely hour
And will show if you played the game
Gwendoline M C Hollebone


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