November 26th 2014

Publisher’s note:

First, an apology to followeres of the blog. I have been in France visiting Ypres and unable to access Web.  Leonard’s diary ceases to become a daily accout at this point as he is clearly suffering from shell shock and confused. He continues to record his feelings at the time however so I will publish this in sections over the coming days

The diary continues …..

On the 19th December unable to carry on any longer. Reported sick as usual that morning but got small satisfaction though I was scarcely able to hold my head up. Towards afternoon had to be relieved of my job as cycle orderly – too ill to carry on further – my head aching violently, nearly out of my mind. Towards evening became delirious and was removed to field ambulance From this I have only a very hazy recollection of being removed in a horsed ambulance somewhere, but where I cannot really say. Fancy it must have been to Hazebrouck Clearing Station. I know this was one of the hospitals I was taken to by the ticket that had been attached to my clothing.

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