November 21st 1914

21st November 1914   Saturday

Time – midnight – On the march , passed through Ypres and some miles behind it halted and had hot coffee. A veritable blizzard is blowing and snowing hard. Rested round a huge log fire ‘til about 4 am. Then moved on again – arrived at our resting place Meteren about 8 am. Told off for billets (the first decent ones I’ve had since I’ve been in France) and made ourselves comfy. Rested all day, had a nap too. That evening indulged in a bath of hot water, but out in the open in the freezing cold. But anything to get rid of verminous clothing. Soon got warm again and felt a new man. Oh ! what a comfort to have clean clothes once more Retired early – Ypres was practically in ruins as we passed through it for the last time, in many cases whole streets were in flames and the groans of the dying were fearful to our ears, but all troops had instructions not to stop for anything in the town. Never knew when the next shell would come along. Day and night at very short intervals they kept falling. Don’t think I or any of us will ever forget the sight of the ruined town and its mournful aspect as seen that night as long as we live.

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