November 18th 1914

18th November 1914   Wednesday

Another bitterly cold day, feeling very ill, trembling from head to foot (shell shock) after previous days burying – Feel I must go sick, must go down to the peasants cottage. The first lull in the shelling got down to the cottage – had a square meal and coffee. Huge shell burst about 5 yards from house (in the road) and blew all windows in smothering us all with dust. A saucepan of milk that was on the stove for coffee lifting onto the floor with the concussion. – Old lady very badly scared likewise her son and my pal and I too. Had to seek shelter in safer quarters lest another shell should come. All returned to the house half an hour later. Patched up window etc, and made things comfy once more. About 3 pm. returned to trenches, things getting lively up here, expecting another attack. Enemy attacked in evening, but got a warm reception and hurled back. Snowing very heavily now – We are relieved. At last – by Coldstreamers. Thank God ! Time now 9pm. – marched back to upper Ypres and billeted in a farm there for the night.

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