November 16th 1914

16th November 1914  Monday

Very quiet day, some sniping only. Spent best part of the day in Belgian peasants cottage, had something to eat in afternoon prepared by the old lady. In afternoon our 6 inch howitzer shelled and nearly all guns wiped out. The crews escaped fairly well – only two casualties amongst them – One of our stretcher bearers wounded by sniper whilst carrying back a wounded man to a farm house (our advanced dressing station) about 500 yards behind firing line – afraid he will lose his leg, knee shattered – Had a narrow escape tonight. Whilst going down to Brigade Headquarters for rations with my pal, had 4 high explosive 8 inch shrapnel burst over our heads. We were both wheeling our bikes across the fields at the time, but neither as much as scratched. Pieces of shell fell all round us, my pal’s bike ruined and useless. Doubled back to shelter of farmhouse and after an hours wait of dreadful agony once more started – all fear and trembling lest we should be caught again before we reached the road – had about 800 yards of ground to cover and inky black night. Got through at last and brought bike with me. The night of my life – Got rations and returned to my signal dugout in front line trenches and took over the instrument for the night.

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