November 6th 1914

6th November 1914 Friday

Day started quietly. Our guns busy but about 11 am. the Germans responded to our fire and opened up a terrible bombardment which lasted ’til 3 pm. They then attacked and broke through the French on our right flank. Of this we were not aware until we were nearly surrounded- it was a fight to the death, but a few of us managed to get out of the hole we were in. Our casualties appalling, lost in all, 603 officers and men. Believed 2 of our companies were captured. All of us completely shattered, only about 200 of us left to answer the Roll with three officers Major Stepney, Capt The Hon J F Trefusis and Capt Orr Ewing.

All of us heart broken over our losses. During the night assisted by party of about 80 of the Munsters and some of Household Cavalry who had come up to reinforce us. We extended our line about a quarter of a mile and dug in.

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