October 31st 1914

31st October 1914 Saturday

Zillebeke. Started digging signal HQ trench behind stalk stack. Finished it at 6 am. Heavy shelling taking place now. Farm not 20 yards to our left catching it – Hot and Heavy – but not damaged too badly. CO and adjutants trench in same line as signals trench, about 5 yards on right, behind a haystack – 3 other stacks on our right – all in same line. German aeroplane over us today about 10 am. – dropped a bomb about 80 yards from us, no one hit. Shelling getting worse than ever now. All sorts and sizes coming over. Huns tried to advance in evening but were driven back – many casualties by shellfire today In many cases men and rifles went up in the air in pieces. Most fearful sight burying our dead –Lord Kingston, Sgt Fleming and whole platoon of no 1 company wiped out today-

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