September 14th 1914

14th September 1914   Monday

Marched by Bourg – found bridge blown up, but pontoon bridge erected. This however was being shelled incessantly by the Huns. We had to cross in small parties at the double – all got across safely under shell fire all the time and arrived at Soupily Town (Madame Cailleux Chateau). From here we started our advance to the attack – up a steep hill then through the woods – Fought desperate engagement here with the Germans. I was one of a party of 20 who lost touch with our Company in the melee. We had a very exciting and anxious time. Did not manage to get in touch with any troops ‘til about 4 pm. Then fell in with the Coldstreamers and Connaught Rangers. Did bayonet charge on plateau to the right of farm delour soupier – captured many prisoners. Our losses very heavy, specially amongst officers. Those killed being Capt Berners and Lord Arthur Hay and several wounded. Cannot remember names of all killed – rather confusing . Fancy Lord Guernsey killed in this engagement. The sights of the killed and wounded too terrible to describe. About 6 pm. went out with a party of about 80, all of various regiments to bring in Germans who wished to surrender – found about 300 waiting to come in. Brought this party in very carefully and kept sharp look out for treachery. Earlier in the afternoon we had been fired on by a white flag party of the enemy. Our losses on this occasion appalling . These prisoners were all lodged in Soupir Farm temporarily but were removed to safer quarters about 9 pm. The stragglers of the Irish Guards then joined Capt Percival with about 200 men of no 3 Company. Irish Guards and moved out to the left of farm. Lay down on edge of the road and formed a firing line All very very quiet, not a German within miles of us by the look of things.

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