September 13th 1914

13th September 1914   Sunday

No move ‘til 10 am. In the meantime we were getting over the stiffness of our cramped nights rest –Found an orchard and helped ourselves to our hearts content – marched off at 10 am. Unable to proceed very far owing to artillery duel in distance. Rested in a cornfield at 11.30am. remained here ‘til 4.30pm., in the meantime we dug potatoes, vegetables etc. and made Bully Stew. This went down a la Hotel Cecil – marched about 4 more miles and billeted for the night at large farm near banks of River Aisne. Lit large fires.

Yesterday Leo’s diary travelled with us back to Ypres to it’s final home in the wonderful In Flanders field Museum. It will feature in an exhibition to be held from October 4th. Later as you will all see Leo witnesses the destruction of this beautiful town and in particular the very building in which the museum is situated. The photos show Piet Chielens (on the left), Co-ordinator of the museum, receiving the diary from David Marks and the Cloth Hall as it was in the Great War and as it is today

Piet  cloth hall P1000030

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  1. Shelley says:

    Lovely photo

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