August 13th 1914

13th August 1914 Thursday
Much struck by the quaint appearance of French troops who stood in groups along the quay ( These were the first types of French army I had ever seen) They cheered us wildly, shouting “Vive La Angleterre”, ‘til they were hoarse I’m sure.
Disembarked about 9 am. And rested in goods sheds on wharf side. Till about noon – In the meantime some of us had to assist in unloading of ship – This completed about 11 am.
About 1 pm. Marched off en route for Bleuville Camp, about 6 miles. Sun fearfully hot and road led up steep hill most of the way. In spite of many halts , many fell out, splendid reception from the inhabitants and each time we halted they rushed out with refreshments of all kinds. These were very acceptable. Got into Bleuville Camp about 4 pm. – more dead than alive. Over 200 of the battalion having fallen out en route. Allotted tents etc. had tea and settled down for the night.

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