New Poem !

Leonard was clearly quite fond of poetry as we have seen. This rather less serious poem appears in his little notebook. Lord Rhondda was appointed Food Controller in 1917.

Mary had a little lamb
With peas so nice and green
Potatoes and a roll of bread
Were also to be seen
But when she said
She’d like some more
The waiter seemed to ponder
Said he
“You’d better wait a bit”
‘Till I ring up Lord Rhondda !

Not long to go now before we start to publish Leonard’s daily diary. Since he was apparently known to his family as Leo perhaps I can be forgiven for using this name in future. As you will shortly see, some entries are simple one line entries. Others tell of a complete piece of action. e.g. His description of being captured and then escaping. Or of being stranded in a trench at night within a few yards of a German platoon !

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