The War Photographer

Having seen this blog, my grand daughter read this to me. She wrote it as part of a creative writing project at school. Couldn’t resist posting at as I just love it . … But then , I am probably prejudiced !
A young man stands before me. Twenty maybe? Emotion filled my mind as I wondered about the future that had already been decided for him. Timidly I set up my camera, ready to capture a lost soul wondering on a background of bleak nothingness. Does he even know why he is fighting or is he holding a gun in the shadow of another? I bring my dusty camera, battered from seeing sights worse than death, up to my eye. A shot is fired.
And yet the shutter of my camera remains unclicked. A body is launched above me as an impulse devoured me. I take the picture. A young man stood before me. A son? A brother? But I didn’t care. In that moment of suspended murder I found my opportunity. A perfect opportunity. To freeze a life and a soul into a perfect picture.

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